Mplusitanos Stud, is a 80 hectare property situated in Almeirim, in the heart of Ribatejo, on the banks of the Tejo River.

The Stud farm called Herdade de Santa Maria,  was purchased in late 2013, by the Ferro Lopes family (Nuno and Maria). 

The Family originally from Lisbon, are lifelong horse riders and participants in Dressage competition .

There is no better climate, pasture or topography anywhere to breed Lusitanos, this statement is supported by the  ability of the property to produce outstanding Lusitanos.

Why the name?

The name Mplusitanos dates back to 2006 when the company that includes the farm was first officially licensed, we have adopted the name Mplusitanos as a family option.

And when we talk about options we talk about Água-Viva(CSM), the stallion that gave us the sport type Lusitano that we breed nowadays.

Água-Viva(CSM) our main stallion, an exciting prospect in the breeding barn, with already a lot of gold medal offsprings and Dressage sires, proving their potencial in competition .Água-Viva is a horse with who MPLusitanos owners have a unique connection, he was born and raised on the Santa Margarida Stud farm, before his eventual initial sale.

 The family have purchased Água-Viva and the property as a lifetime asset, to bring stability and a long-term commitment to one of the jewels of Portugal Lusitano breeding.

Mplusitanos is the next progression in their involvement in breeding, which to this point has been limited to the accumulation of a portfolio of mares , with the credentials to be represented at major sales. Their progress, so far can be said to have a lot in common with their farm , their numbers have been modest, the results exceptional, the result being the best advertisement possible for Mplusitanos.

The Family vision for the Stud farm, is to operate as a premium facility, affording their own mares and offsprings, as well as those of their clients and partners the unique advantage of being raised in an environment and topography, that gives them the absolute best start in life.

In addition, they are committed to build on the farm's legacy of standing successful stallions and intend to attract sires capable of advancing the breed in Portugal as well as competing on the national and international stage.

The farm is also exceptionally well appointed to offer a select short term consulting ridding and breeding service.

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Nuno Ferro / Maria Pinho

Coudelaria Mplusitanos
Estrada Nacional 114
Herdade de Santa Maria
Raposa/ Almeirim 2080-708