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Assunto: Best breeders

Amanda T. Robinson / 07-09-2017

In my opinion Maria and Nuno are a couple very complete, because they ride their one horses , that they breed, they know what they're selling because they've selected based on their feelings. Have you thought about the upgrade they have in relation to other breeders? so for me they select the best sport lusitanos . That is in my opinion. Congratulations for the website, it's great.

Assunto: Sousa

Marta / 05-09-2017

Muito bons anfitriões, instalações com ótimas condições e excelentes profissionais!!

Assunto: felicitations

Frédérique Lavergne / 05-09-2017

Felicitations pour ce beau site et pour les superbes chevaux que vous présentez ! J'ai hâte de vous rendre visite.

Assunto: Dressage clinics

Suzanne Deveson / 05-09-2017

It was fantastic to ride Maria's highly schooled horses during her clinics. I'm still a beginner when it comes to dressage but, with her help, I have experienced a lead change and the piaffe. It was an amazing feeling.

Assunto: MP Lusitanos Stud

Rodrigo Araújo / 05-09-2017

Lusitano Breeding Excellency!
Nice, dedicated and professional couple!
Wonderful place!

Assunto: Visita

Juan Gonzalez Ariado / 05-09-2017

Visité la Yeguada MPLusitanos satisfecho con la amabilidad y la honestidad con que fui recibido. Me sentí muy cómodo y agradablemente sorprendido con tanta profesionalidad. Los caballos son de gran calidad, recomiendo a todos una visita.
mantienen su fantástico trabajo.

Assunto: Coudelaria MPLusitanos

Ana Gonçalves / 05-09-2017

Sou grande fã do vosso trabalho, adoro tudo o que publicam no facebook, as fotografias são todas lindíssimas e de alta qualidade. Vê-se que não deixam nada ao acaso, todos os vossos cavalos são muito bem apresentados, adoro os vídeos e as musicas que escolhem, muitos parabéns pelo site.

Assunto: Dressage clinic

Caroline Ghywineu / 05-09-2017

I loved my clinic at MPLusitanos stud, unique method, you can really work gymnastic exercises that will help you with your horse Back home. Go and have the same experience that I had, you are going to love it.

Assunto: MPLusitanos stud

Steffen Taylor / 05-09-2017

Congratulations for the website, super sportive horses, beautiful facilities.
Hope to visit you soon.

Assunto: Website

Adam Fuithcher / 01-09-2017

Congratulations great website!!! I really need to make you a visit to see high quality sport Lusitanos.

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