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Assunto: Lusitano

Tauseef Qadri / 15-01-2019

I have been around the world and admired so many breeds of horses, however, none of them are as astonishing and revered as the Lusitano for me. There is no doubt my next horse will be a Lusitano from MP Lusitanos. Their deep knowledge of the breed as well as the needs of modern horse onwers coupled with the famed tradition of the Portuguese horse is second to none. Moreover, Maria and Nuno have become the closest of friends and their hospitality is so endearing. I am so impressed. #friendslikefamily. Thank you

Assunto: Dream

Marion Klocovic / 14-01-2019

In my dreams I wonder if one day I will be able to have a horse from your stud . A real dream come true... visiting you in my dreams every day. In April I will book you a visit, hoping that I can find the perfect horse for me. Kind regards

Assunto: Lusitano the best horse to ride

Robert Horvan / 14-01-2019

Hope to see you very soon. Very excited to make you a visit. Beautiful lusitanos, congratulations for your fantastic work on developing the Lusitano all around the world. Thank you once again for your work , searching for the perfect sport lusitano that one day we will see on the best stadiums all around the world

Assunto: Dressage

Barbara Adam / 14-01-2019

Just love your Facebook pages, big fan. Congratulations for your fabulous sport type Lusitanos, big big big fan of your work

Assunto: Lusitanos

George Pattingael / 13-01-2019

Best place to buy a Lusitano .

Assunto: Breeders

Antony Steveson / 13-01-2019

Serious Breeders, great riders, super horses congratulations. I’m a follower of your Facebook pages.

Assunto: Website

Dora Gteson / 13-01-2019

Just love the website congratulations!!!

Assunto: 23-10-2018

Miranda van Gassen / 23-10-2018

Maria and Nuno and also the friendly staff gave me and my daughter a more than welcome feeling. And the horses....well...we have never seen such beautiful, well educated stallions with fabulous capacities. Another point is that the Lusitano's of MP Lusitanos have a better height than we normally experience. There is a Lusitano stable in the Netherlands but their horses could simply not match the long legs of my daughter :). Hope to visit you in May 2019 again!

Assunto: Re:23-10-2018

Antony Adverson / 13-01-2019

Serious breeders.
Super horses, congratulations!!!

Assunto: Buy a dressage horse

Ana Belén / 15-08-2018

Good night, we are want buy a stallion or mare and super qualities for dressage. we have the facilities in spain. Castellón
I need videos about te horses .
I can not travell if i don't now what i going a see.

my idea is a stallion o mare since 3 years old but two years is ok...we are could see...

the price depend the horse .

by whatsapp you can send me videos too so it's faster.

we are contact


Ana Belén


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