If you are looking for a Lusitano, you are in the right place.

Mplusitanos stud farm provides selected horses, with periodic evaluations.

Come visit us, we are the best choice for you.




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Assunto: Website De: Adam Fuithcher Data: 01-09-2017

Congratulations great website!!! I really need to make you a visit to see high quality sport Lusitanos.

Assunto: Dressage clinic De: Martine Westhgraff Data: 28-08-2017

I love the new website, it's super!!!!
About my experience at Mplusitanos Stud, I really recommend. The dressage lessons with Maria are great, the horses are super well trained, I learned a lot in only one week. I recommend it to everyone.

Assunto: Horses De: Anna Wednester Data: 12-09-2016

Fantastic horses!!!

Assunto: Re:Horses De: Garret Hughes Data: 09-10-2016

Great horses, fantastic riders, great professionals,
Just loved it !!!

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