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Assunto: Horses

Andrew Fretih / 10-06-2020

Great website, fantastic facilities, I will make you a visit soon. Congratulations

Assunto: Fabulous horses

Robert Fundeeu / 26-04-2020

Hoping that the Covid 19 goes away so I can make you a visit to buy my dream horse

Assunto: Horses

Gianela Savioty / 31-01-2020

I recommend Mplusitanos Stud, for all the fabulous horses I saw there.
I was treated in a very professional and kind way, very rare nowadays in the horse world. Maria and Nuno are very polite and honest very rare in the horse world to, they only advise a horse , if it suits you perfectly . I know what I’m talking about, trust me!!!
The quality, the morphology and the beauty of the Lusitanos there is amazing. I highly recommend a visit there.

Assunto: January 27th 2020

Juliet Bentley / 31-01-2020

I bought two stallions from Maria and Nuno , they are currently in training with them now after my having put them with an Olympic trainer who didn’t train them at all ! and I cannot tell you how amazing my boys are doing and for sure I have bought two superstars who will go on to compete at the top level and produce amazing foals ! Their methods are kind and professional and the boys are very happy .

Assunto: Mares

Catherine Thillard / 01-12-2019

I would like to congratulate you because I saw your mares and they are stunning!!!!! Super movements, great character, beautiful body shape I was amazed with your work. The best breeding program that I saw, I’ve been to a lot of stud farms but I never saw such a consistent work and dedication to horses. Sensible people with great and pure hearts. Congratulations

Assunto: Golega

Kimberly Walenstein / 15-11-2019

I loved the visit that I made at Golega time. Serious Breeders fantastic in every aspect. The horses are amazing, for sure I will buy one.

Assunto: Visit

Hanna Herning / 15-11-2019

Best visit ever !!!!! Wonderful stud farm, fabulous horses, fabulous stables, fabulous facilities. Just loved every minute that I spend the at Mplusitanos. I really recommend a visit.

Assunto: Lusitanos

Diodora Fyera / 15-11-2019

Just the best Lusitanos I have ever seen in my life!!!!! Congratulations

Assunto: Maria

Georgia Williams / 15-11-2019

If you are looking for a good place to buy a lusitano, go to Mplusitanos Stud farm and talk with Maria and she can advice you the better horse for you . Very, very , very serious and professional people. I really recommend

Assunto: Clinic

Soffie Addams / 15-11-2019

I would like to let you know that I just loved the dressage demonstration . I loved every part of it. I will be there next year. Fantastic

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