Equestrian Dreams Team


In 2007, we started a project called Equestrian Dreams, with the aim of improving the Lusitano breed.

We have invested in the last 12 years,  in order to get ''athletes'' to high competition, breeding horses with size and movements, not forgetting it's typical characteristics.

The MPLUSITANOS Stud, aims at the national and international markets forming a team of their own Lusitano horses, Equestrian Dreams Team .

The Lusitano that we breed has already many positive things , the three defined movements, which makes it more competitive and already has dimension, lack somehow educate the international judges to see and evaluate our horse. 

If the other teams succeeded, we also have to believe that we can, especially after the excellent results that many Lusitano horses have had.

Among many things we think that no one does anything alone, and that only a cohesive team dignifies a "house". Them its on our responsability, the work of the horses and foals, training them to develop their full capacities, evaluating their potential, to show to the world there full potential and quality.

With this team now in place, the ideal conditions for the training of these horses is now secure. 

No one grows alone and we need to expand, we have a vast experience in having a vision of horses as an investment, so we believe in this team 100%, trying to sell our horses all over the world.

Combine the passion of each one, with the will to win, we form a business team of great sucess.

Equestrian dreams, a dream come true.



Nuno Ferro / Maria Pinho

Coudelaria Mplusitanos
Estrada Nacional 114
Herdade de Santa Maria
Raposa/ Almeirim 2080-708