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Mplusitanos stud farm

I just want you to Know that it was the best place in Portugal to be !!!! Best Lusitanos ever!!!!! If you want to buy one please go there!!!
Maria you are the most generous and professional person I have ever met in the horse world. You are not afraid of teaching with all your heart and soul.
I went back home and did all the exercises that we practiced, since then they have improved a lot, they look like completely different horses.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
Can’t thank you enough ….
Thank you for
making me feel like being in my own home, I was received like a princess , thank you so much for all . I will be back soon !!! With love


This year we are there with you , miss you so much !!! Best people in Portugal to meet in the horse world. Honest and lovely people . Can’t wait !!! I really recommend this stud farm, fabulous Lusitanos .
I’m a big fan of their method!!!

Best place in Portugal

The best place to buy, to stay, to learn.
Best place in Portugal if you love horses!!!

Horses for sale

Best place in Portugal to buy the horse of your dreams. 100% trustable people very rare this days. I loved my experience!!!!

Great experience

Amazing Breeders!!!!! Amazing riders, combined together was the most fantastic experience of my life.
Thank you for every moment I really learned things about horses that I couldn’t imagine that could exist .
Thank you so much Maria and Nuno you guys are amazing
Kisses from Italy

Riding skills

Take your riding to another level.
My personal experience was fabulous!!!!! My riding skills went to the top in 5 days, I recommend Mpluitanos stud farm 100%
Maria is just amazing!!! Book your clinic now!!!!


Maria is the best trainer ever!!!!! I improved in one week with her what I didn’t in 7 years. Her method is amazing!!!! I really recommend everyone to try it. I’m a big fan!!!


I would like to thank Maria for everything that she did for me and my horses, she’s an amazing teacher, an Amazing breeder, she has the most fabulous Lusitanos I have ever seen in my life. Horse lovers not horse people, super professional, I can’t thank you enough. When the COVID is over please come do the US again. We miss you


I would like to say that I loved the experience of being there with my own horses, they developed in 5 days what I didn’t in 5 years. Amazing teaching method, amazing facilities, really horse loving people. Thank you Maria your the best

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If you are looking for a Lusitano, you are in the right place.

Mplusitanos stud farm provides selected horses, with periodic evaluations.

Come visit us, we are the best choice for you.