If you are looking for a Lusitano, you are in the right place.

Mplusitanos stud farm provides selected horses, with periodic evaluations.

Come visit us, we are the best choice for you.




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Assunto: Breeders De: Pamela Lambert Data: 31-03-2019

Serious breeders, nowadays very difficult to find, if you are looking to buy a horse in Portugal contact directly Mplusitanos stud farm. You can look on their Facebook pages, they are amazing. I did it and I can’t be more grateful

Assunto: Stud farm De: Sean Gilbert Data: 31-03-2019

Beautiful horses, fabulous stud farm, wonderful people I recommend a visit

Assunto: Big fan De: Jennifer Konezavod Data: 31-03-2019

Maria and Nuno I’m a big big fan of your work I follow all your posts everything you publish. The website is amazing!!!!
Lots of love

Assunto: Cavalos De: Teresa Fava Data: 31-03-2019

Adorei o atendimento , resposta rápida a todas as minhas questões muito profissionais. Não tentam vender a impingir cavalo, tentam perceber qual o cavalo ideal para o cliente . Penso que isso é de salientar , não se vê muito por aí. Parabéns

Assunto: Dressage De: Juliana Pereira Data: 31-03-2019

Amei o vosso website, pois pensando em fazer uma visita pra vocês . Estão no meu coração . Mega fã

Assunto: Horses De: Megan Boris Data: 31-03-2019

Congratulations the website is amazing

Assunto: Horses De: Iolanda Foyt Data: 26-01-2019

Never seen in my life such beautiful horses as I saw at Mplusitanos Stud.
I really recommend a visit to this beautiful place.
The breeders Maria and Nuno are fantastic people they explain everything very well and most of all advice you to buy the right horse, they will only sell if it is truly the best horse for you. That’s what I felt when I was there. 100% trustable people I really recommend for those ,that like me are looking for the perfect horse.

Assunto: Congratulations De: Eric Dawson Data: 26-01-2019

Congratulations for the website, it’s fabulous.
Fabulous horses
Fabulous people
Super friendly
Just love it
Big fan

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